As I Lay Dying

by Unwanted Lamia   Nov 21, 2006

As I lay dying,
The world moves around me
Lost hope lying
With no help for the fallen,
The dying

Blood swallowed by the ground
Eyes staring at the sky
Warning all those hell hounds
Clouds moving swaying by
Swallow all the sound

As I lay dying
Words call, sirens low
Look, the sky’s crying
Fallen, I can’t stand
See death spying

Movies playing in the sand
Watch them, see them
Try to understand
My life is there, written
Written on the land

As I lay dying
Lift me up
See me flying
Stand with me
Watch me trying

Water moving all around
Death is standing there
Watching, waiting as I drown
Help no one but yourself
Then angels begin to fall down

As I lay dying
Death stands closer
Coming, wind sighing
Stand with me
Watch me flying

Blood running across stone
Light fading from my eyes
So shall I atone
For all that I have done
See me, watch me standing alone

As I lay dying
See my soul waver
Lift up denying
Can’t you see now
See me flying
As I lay dying


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