Lethal Deception

by Lauren   May 25, 2005

A passageway, down the path
To your own demise
A deadly intuition
From which your thoughts derive

Your deliverance has been postponed
Demoralizing your soul’s delight
Disintegrate from my heart
The mutation starts tonight

I am no iconoclast
But you are nothing real
Computer chips replace your heart
To block the things you feel

You deceived them once- you’re lethal
You deceived them twice- you’re ill
You deceived them over and over again
Until your soul they killed

You now see what they tell you
Your feelings are programmed
You are being trained to kill
With your own bare hands

It’s their turn to deceive you
But different you know not
Your free will does not exist
And your blood- it is now clot

Forever you will live like this
You’re dead on the inside
Immortalized and lied to
For you- I shall not cry


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Fallen Angel

    Interesting write, deliberately obscure? Doesn't have to always make sense for it to be good and in this case I think that the slight confusion that this illicits from the reader; making it open to interpretation, makes it even more powerful. I'm definately adding you to myu favourites and I look forward to reading more. Keep writing! 5/5 x

  • 15 years ago

    by Lauren

    Honestly I'm not sure what it means either...I guess it's just open to interpretation.

  • wow, I like thiss, but I'm a little confused, is it about a human or a robot? or a human that has been so much hurt by life that they are practically robot? great job anyway. x