At night

by robyn   Oct 9, 2003

At night i cry
but nobody cares
they got their own problems
who needs me to share?
i whisper to you
can you lend me your ear?
its been so much drama
in this past little year,
thinking that maybe
ill write me a book,
but why? cause nobody
will bother to look.
if i made me a movie
to get my story told,
no one would end up
going to the show.
if i performed it,
in a long, drawn-out play,
would anybody come,
and waste their precious day?
if i wrote it in a catchy song,
and it got radio play,
would they listen to the message,
that i intended to say?
im not sure but if i wrote a poem,
and put it on a poetry site,
someone will be sitting at the computer,
and hear my little cry for help, at night.


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  • 16 years ago

    by LostInLife!

    god u have got such a talent plz keep writing i really like this one