Being Pregnant

by robyn   Feb 5, 2004

My stomach's getting fat
and my butt is getting wide
pregnancy's unbearable
and impossible to hide.
my cheeks are getting chubby
and my face has begun glowing
I'm having loss of breath
and I can feel my baby growing.
I can't eat a lot of junk
no more spicy food
my prenatal pills smell like vanilla
but they change the color of my poo.
I have to pee all the time
cuz I'm drinking so much water
I get an attitude sometimes
especially towards my baby's father.
Sometimes I have gas
and it smells really bad
I can't fit into my old clothes
and it really makes me mad.
My skin is so dry
so I'm always putting on lotion
I can't dance around that much
I can't do the loco-motion.
It makes my baby jump around
flopping around in my belly
but right now I am so hungry
I'm about to eat some peanut butter and jelly....


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  • 15 years ago

    by CW

    aww yo bany so cute