What I Would Give

by Taylor Lyn   Oct 22, 2003

As the warmth and light of the sun
sets on the never ending
sparkling ocean horizon
the sky is lit with
a stunning array of beautiful colors.
A sight so magnificent,
no words could ever describe
the way these sunsets make me feel.
What I would give to sit on the beach
the powdery soft sand glimmering
between my toes.
Just to share one of these sunsets
with you.

As the cool spring breeze gently blows by,
you can hear the slight sounds
of leaves rustling
in the quietness of the night.
The faint scent of blooming flowers
travels in the air.
With twilight approaching ever so soon,
the stars start appearing, twinkling
in the dark velvet void above us.
What I would give to lay on a bed
of grass so green
in the darkness of the night
under this blanket of glistening stars.
The gentle glow of the moon
playing upon my face
counting each and ever star
I could possibly see
with you.

As days and time passes by
my love grows deeper for you as the seconds slip away.
The essense of love, and longing, and desire
lingering on my mind.
Thoughts of you, my one and only
drifting through my days and nights.
If only I could show you the ways
your love has changed my life.
What I would give to pull you close
and gaze into your shimmering blue eyes.
For in your eyes, I would see all
the beauty and radiance
of all the magnificent sunsets
I have ever enjoyed...
The glitter of all the stars
I have ever seen...
But most importantly, I would see all the reasons
that I have completely fallen for you, my love.
For you are the love of my life,
and there is no where
I'd rather be, than being in love
with you.



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  • 15 years ago

    by Goran Rahim

    A truly well written poem, you are so talented

  • 16 years ago

    by ~â‚£ading |nspiration~

    Hmm...very beautifully written...you are truly gifted...thanks for the comment.