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I've been writing poetry...or I guess when I was younger..toying with the idea of writing poetry...for over a decade. All forms of the English language intrigue me, especially poetry. Poetry is the only written artform in which you can completely express yourself in ways that sometimes only you can understand. This is the reason why I've chosen to major in English in college. All emotions can be conveyed in poetry, but not all people can write substantial poetry that is easily viewable and understandable by all audiences. This challenge intrigues me. I'm a 21 year old Female originally from Southern California who now resides in the Dallas area, Texas. I definitely love to converse with all writers of poetry, young and old, so feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss poetry, writing, or anything at all. Please read and comment my poetry as that is the only way one can further hone and tweak their talent and expertise. I look forward to reading poetry of all genres and interacting with many different writers.

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  • Age : 21
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  • Country : USA, Texas
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Latest Poems By Taylor Lyn

  • With you life may have been beautiful...
    The touch of your lips, your soft smooth skin...

  • The angels sing their sad, sad song
    of the demise of this once beautiful love...

  • As I lay here in this hell
    thinking of your lips...

  • Always (4)

    Always I am true to you
    in everything I do...

  • As I sit here contemplating
    hope and patience shrinking...

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