Daddy do you remember?

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Jun 23, 2005

Daddy i remember
when i was a little girl
you'd hold me in your arms
to protect me from this world

daddy do you remember
when i was about seven
are family was always smiling
until i was past eleven

Daddy i remember
wed have so much fun
but when i turned 12
things started to come undone

daddy do you remember?
when you used to be relaxed
you didn't worry about money
or about the horrible pasts

daddy i remember
you'd carry me on your shoulders
i looked up to you like my hero
you were my defensive soldier

daddy i remember
you'd always make me laugh
but then things started to change..
my smile hardly ever came back

daddy i remember
one night you came home
mommy was asleep
i was all alone..

i remember how you hit me
slapped me in the face
i didn't no what was going on
what happened to this place

daddy don't you remember
Anna came in the room
she started to scream
yelling rite at you

she said what the hells your problem
you looked at her with hate
then you turned around
and slapped me in the face

i tried to get away
but then you pulled me back
mommy then got up
my heart was torn in half

daddy do you remember
when you took it out on this girl
who used to be your princess
the ballerina you would twirl

daddy i remember
you emptied my soul
just from that one night
you beat me i never told

you could have gone to jail daddy
you told me you could hurt me
what happened to the old you
this was to horrible to believe

i thought i was your little girl
i thought you loved me to
self fish is what you are dad
but i really do hate you

you tore me in half
you took everything i had
never again will i smile real
ill always be full of sad

daddy do you remember
when i used to love you
do you remember when you were my role model
now i have to hate you

daddy do you remember
all the times you were drunk and scared me
you called mommy names
that were to hard to believe

daddy do you remember
when you went of the wall
you were acting insane
you had to take it all

you took away are lives
you took away are laughs
you took away are childhoods
you tore everything in half

daddy do you know
since you beat me i started to use a knife
that night you hit and punched me
i tried to end my life

daddy you ruined it all
you made life so hard
I'm trying to heal from the day
you emptied out my heart

daddy i have no more to say
i wish things were like before
to bad you already messed up
i cant deal with you anymore

To: Daddy
From: your little girl


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Sora

    Wow..this was beauitful yet sad. i can tell it came from your heart and you said what you felt and got it off your chest. that's a beautiful thing. i can tell you that i can relate to this, because i went through the same situation with my dad. it was depressing and horrible, but it only made me stronger. job well done. 5/5.


  • 15 years ago

    by *NIkkI lUvZ dARryL* 4 LyF

    Hey thats a good poem i lyk it that also happened to me but at a younger age

  • 15 years ago

    by Spitfire

    Is that a true stroy ????
    its sad and alot like mine but my dad doesnt beat me

  • 15 years ago

    by Jordan

    This is so incredibly sad. Im sure you've heard it before but pretty much the same thing happened to me. Only we were out in public and everybody saw. I've never held more discust for a person. Anyway good poem.

    Much Love,

  • 15 years ago

    by Sammi

    i love this poem, its really touching

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