Murder or suicide?

by amelia   Sep 14, 2005

This story that I'm saying,
it happened & its true..
she couldn't live without him
bet he knew it too.

He was her friend
and used to calm her fears
She knew him since childhood
for almost sixteen years.

All was fine with them
everything was going cool
one day he just stopped talking
and she ended up the fool.

All she wanted of him
was just to be her friend
but he doesn't care
how can her heart mend ?

She begged him everyday
everyday for a whole year,
"please talk to me my friend
i cant do without you here"

He turned a deaf ear to her
he ignored all her cries,
she was all so caught up
In a world full of lies.

She had no option
She really had no hope,
He was gone & wont be back
this fact she couldn't cope.

One day she sat & reminisced
of her childhood days of joy,
when they used to play together
a little girl & a little boy.

A single tear escaped her eye
followed by a million more
Her heart was so broken
her soul was hurting sore..

She went then to the kitchen
and found a sharp knife,
She closed her eyes and thought of him
She wanted to end her life..

She fell then to the floor
now nothing will be the same,
her last word was a whisper
I think she spelt his name.

Next day her mother came
and found her doors locked,
when she broke into her room
she was totally shocked.

There lay her daughter
her body pale white,
floating in an ocean of blood
for she had died that night.

In life the girl had nothing to win
so she chose to lose,
her death was then announced
in every city news !

One day he heard of it,
her death reached his ear,
he'd just lost someone forever
who had held him so dear.

In years, for the first time
tears filled his eye,
"why couldn't she have lived?
why did she choose to die"?

He went to see her grave,
He stood where she was laid
He knew if only he was her friend
this situation would be saved.

He was the cause for her death
If he phoned her she wouldn't have died
now what would you call this ?
Murder or Suicide ?

This story is very much true
Its something i can foresee,
He still doesn't wanna talk
and the girl of course is me !

(pls tell me if this is Murder or Suicide?? i really feel like this is whats going to happen to me very soon,the cuts are too many & i dont know when i'd crack up... i'd looove your valuable comments & ratings)


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Ciara

    A very well told story. Please don't hurt yourself.

  • 5 years ago

    by Hemmy Leo

    Murder....the boy never show to you he has once cared about you...but please never you comite suicide

  • 8 years ago

    by Miranda

    Its Suicide

  • 8 years ago

    by Jessica

    Amazing poem ! . and i think its a suicide but with reason behind it . Dont ever do tht to yourself ! you may not notice it now but people love and care about you and will miss you so much if something were to happen .
    If you ever need to talk private message me and ill always respond .

  • 9 years ago

    by rosalee

    This poem is so good .. i believe it would be murder all the hurt and love you cried out and no once listened .. please don't end your life over that, the world is so awesome.