My garden of Hope

by RainbowSlider   Oct 2, 2005

Walk softly in my garden.
Careful to watch your step.
My pretty flowers are growing
but need loving attention.
Please don't pick the flowers.
They are in different shades
of disrepair.
Some look rugged and strong
but others are bruised
and misshapen ed.
I do love all my flowers.
for each one brings me hope.
What once was a barren wasteland
is now an oasis in the dessert.
From negative influence and neglect
careful nurturing is taking effect.
Positive energy springs
from the soil bringing
nitrogen to my plants.
I try to weed out harmful
ignorance of the former
gardener so nature
can do it best.
I water them gently
softly touching their petals
and admire my beautiful flowers.


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