God's Angels

by teresa   Oct 21, 2005

Through all life's twists and turns
Through all life's awkward bends
I don't think I would have made it
Without my best friends

There through all the times I laughed,
And the smiles I remember the most
There when I was lost in darkness
Being haunted by frightening ghosts

You guys were by my side
Helping me every step of the way
Giving me your unconditional love
Day, after day, after day

I could never put into words
How blessed I am to have you
To have friends to always back me up
And to help get me through

Yes I have seen miracles,
I've seen angles walk on earth
My best friends were sent from heaven
To help me find my self-worth

I believe in God and the devil
I believe in destiny and fate
I believe in guardian angles
That save you when you think it's too late

I can truthfully tell you
That I see heaven every day
I see it through my best friends' eyes
They tell me I'll be okay

I don't know where I would be
Without my best friends
They are there for me through everything
They show a love that has no end

I'm thankful for these angles
That God sent to help me cope
They support me through everything
And never let me give up hope

I owe my life to my best friends
They took away my self-hate
They helped me find happiness again
They helped me change my fate

I'd do anything for my best friends
For my personal guardian angles
I'd do anything to make sure
The web we weave never tangles

I walk among God's angles
Every single day
I call them my best friends
And they stand by my side every step of the way


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  • 18 years ago

    by Lacey

    This is an awsome poem and i relate to it a lot....you are so freakin good at poetry lol i love you teresa