Turned Around

by teresa   Jul 26, 2005

Tormented wrists

along with clenched fists

blood streaming out of her vein

that's how she copes, relieves her stress gets rid of all of her pain

the razor slices her fragile skin

shes in a battle with the blade and she'll never win

her crimson blood seeps out of her body and gathers on the floor

it calms her down, helps her breathe, leaves her wanting it more

have you ever been there, been in that girls shoes?

have you ever been in a world where you think you can only lose?

have you ever spent nights soaking you pillow with tears?

have you ever spent days running from your fears?

I've been in that position, where you just wanna die

you know no one else can stop you and you just wanna cry

it's scary where she is, when you don't know what to do

wanting to get help, but scared of what you'll lose

telling someone your secrets, unleashing what you hide

scared no one will understand everything you keep inside

giving up that razor was the hardest thing i could ever do

my stress reliever was gone and all my security too

but in giving up that blade i started a new life

one without a razor, one without a knife.


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