Death\'s Arms

by dArKgOtHiCgIrL   Nov 29, 2005

My soul has been torn violently apart,
My heart ripped out and shattered.
I impatiently wait till from life I depart,
The pieces of my heart are forever scattered.
Striving everyday, hoping to perfection attain,
Having thoughts in my head that arenâ??t my own.
Starving until only beautiful bones remain,
With Ana by my side I know I'm not alone.
I know I'm hurting the ones I love,
I hate that they can't understand.
In my head are thoughts I'll never speak of,
No ones ever there to hold my hand.
Surrounded by darkness and despair,
Fighting the darkness with all I've got.
My soul is beginning to rip and tear,
It seems the devil my soul has bought.
A fallen angel with no hope remaining,
Of losing myself forever I am scared.
My strength the darkness is slowly draining,
For this pain I just wasn't prepared.
Alone in this world, torn and broken,
I don't even understand myself anymore.
Trying to scream, running from words unspoken,
Now to the world I'll close my door.
Sinking slowly into deathâ??s waiting arms,
Awaiting the final sweet kiss of release.
So many hearts so unaware of all its harms,
Now I close my eyes to finally decease.
Now in a world all my own,
A world of darkness no longer alive.
That side of me still I had never shown,
Btu it's too late now, I just couldn't survive.


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  • 15 years ago

    by blindedxxbyxxlove

    I love it. You did a great job! Keep it up. If you get a chance could you look at some of mine? Thank you. Again...awsome job!! Your a good writer!

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