Beautiful Angel

by dArKgOtHiCgIrL   Dec 1, 2005

A beautiful angel smiling and glowing,
No sign of hurt or pain she is showing.
Sparkling blue eyes shine like stars,
On her arms there's no sign of scars.
This fallen angel from up above,
Has found someone to hold and love.
But disaster strikes, her world is shattered,
Stolen from her is all that mattered.
She cries out in pain and complete despair,
The one she loves is no longer there.
"Cuel angel of death, angel of black,
Please pity me and bring my love back."
But her cries and screams went unheard,
Her bleeding heart would never be cured.
But she went on smiling as if nothing was wrong,
Though when she's alone sad is her song.
Her deep blue eyes still shining like stars,
Her pain she hides, she hides the scars.
Scars on her heart from a love brutally killed,
The beat of her heart slows, no longer filled.
Though her lips are smiling and her eyes shine bright,
Against memories of the past she is trying to fight.
Deep in her eyes is sadness, tears of black,
A haunted look from a love that will never come back.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Cheyanne

    Wow thiz iz a great poem!!!!!ur doin gr8!!!keep up tha gud work!!!!!5/5

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