by dArKgOtHiCgIrL   Dec 3, 2005

A broken girl not knowing what to do,
That was that I was before I met you.
But you made me whole, set me free,
Free from the pain taking over me.
You stole my heart and gave me yours,
Into my soul happiness pours.
I gave you all of me, trusted you,
Of your impact on my life I don't think you knew.
You saved me from myself, from dying,
You made me smile when I was crying.
You were my world, my life, my love,
My heart soared high like a care-free dove.
You taught me to love, care, and hold,
You promised you'd never leave me out in the cold.
A foolish girl I was to believe,
Believe that my heart you'd never decieve.
Stupid to think someone could really care,
I really thought you'd always be there.
Always be there to let me know,
That you loved me and your love would only grow.
But instead it slowly disappeared,
You broke my heart just as I'd feared.
You don't seem to know how much you hurt me,
How broken inside you've left me to be.
My heart brutally torn, my soul tattered,
With just those words my world shattered.
But I try to go on as if nothing is wrong,
I no longer let anyone hear my sorrowful song.
I long for the day I can forget my past,
The memories haunt me, my heartache lasts.
Can't wait to leave this world of hate,
To die of a broken heart will be my fate.


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  • 14 years ago

    by StArRiEeYeZ

    This ia a really good poem..nice talent..i hope you the best of luck throughout your career and ttyl

  • 14 years ago

    by BrokenMemoriex

    You're good wif words! Keep it up! =)

  • 14 years ago

    by ♥shyann♥

    Wow!!!!! thiz poem iz beautiful yet so sad u have tru talent i exspecially lyke ur use of wordz!!! keep up tha gud work ur doin gr8!!!!5/5

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