by dArKgOtHiCgIrL   Dec 1, 2005

Spinning, swirling, lost in confusion,
Not even knowing what I am thinking.
Falling, crying, bleeding, dying,
Into this pit of depression I'm slowly sinking.
Shutting out light and sounds of laughter,
Hiding behind smiles and sparkling blue eyes.
No one understands, not even me,
My entire world is built of lies.
I lie to my friends and family too,
I even lie to myself.
Lie about what I do and how I feel,
Lie about my health.
I'm growing weaker and weaker every day,
So lost and confused, not eating.
Everything becomes blurry in my eyes,
I wonder how long 'till my heart stops beating.
I'm being controlled by a voice in my head,
A voice telling me I'm failing.
Failing to be the girl that I should be,
My new life, my pain it is unveiling.
Hiding from my reflection, scared to look,
Look at the broken girl in the mirror.
The girl I believe is never good enough,
The girl who wishes she was no longer hear.
The beat of my heart is growing faint,
I'm slowly wasting away to no longer exist.
Hating myself but I donâ??t know why,
Fading slowly, covered in mist.
Mist that covers me completely,
Thick and gray and light.
I'm sinking down into the darkness,
This mist is hiding me from sight.
The angel of death awaits my call,
To take me away from all my pain.
Swallowed up by this mist of the devil,
Never to see light again.

*I know its not one of my best but please comment. I was just writing down thoughts.*


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  • 14 years ago

    by neverisme

    It was so gr8 spicealy thats what i really feel