by ♥SeRioUsLy DyinG♥   Dec 7, 2005

I watched you as the sun raised,
i watch you as you sleep,
i watched you as you cried,
i watched you as you weeped.

I watched you as you walked,
i watched you as you leaned,
i watched you as you talked,
i watched you as you screamed.

I watched you do everything,
and everything you do i watched,
i even watched u wit that other girl,
and easily get caught.

I watched you two hug,
i watched you two kiss,
i watched my tears run down,
just from watching this.

I felt my heart brake,
i watched u as u turned around,
i watched me hands shake,
as i looked towards the ground.

I'll never 4get the memories we made,
and the way you made me feel,
these things will never fade,
i will always keep them real.

I watched you as we argued,
i watched you as you yelled,
i watched you as you looked away,
without love, i could tell.

I love you so much,
til that day,
the very day,
i watched you walk away.


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