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hi, i'm 15 and have been though a lot of sh!t. my favorite type of poem is mostly love poem but eva since mai boi left 2 iraq i've been depressed. so sorri 4 da sadness but dis helps me cope wit mai probs. Thankz 4 listenin'. but ya. i have also been through sum frenz crisis. it sukz major A**. but we all have to "move along." (favorite song from All American Rejects) but ya. -patti-

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  • Sacrifice it,
    And maybe even a tear...

  • When times are hard,
    I turn to the only person i can...

  • My heart drowns in the sorrow that i keep,
    My body suffers in the pleasure of pain...

  • Love is addicting,
    But also painful...

  • Jealousy gets me good,
    Something that gets the best of me...

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  • Sorry,
    If you're looking for a whole-hearted girl,
    She's the person next door,
    Someone broke mines...

    14 years ago
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  • Love beats me,
    So why should you?

    14 years ago
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  • How can you heal my broken heart,
    When you were the one who broke it...

    15 years ago
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