If I Die

by ♥SeRioUsLy DyinG♥   Oct 10, 2007

My heart drowns in the sorrow that i keep,
My body suffers in the pleasure of pain,
My thoughts smother me in my sleep,
And there's nothing more to gain.

If i die tomorrow,

For no hearts would be broken,
No tears would be shed,
No love would be lost,
Just me in my last bed.

If i die in your hands,

I'm sorry for all the blood,
I'm sorry for all the stains,
I'm sorry for the troubles,
I'm sorry for all the pain.

If i die now,

May it not be tomorrow,
May it not be tonight,
May it not be in your hands,
But in broad daylight.

But if i die,

I have no one to leave,
But someone to die for,
I thought that he loved me,
But not anymore...


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  • Dats so koooooool i mean like not in that way i love it so much but its so sad is your life depressing? mine is but wow i loved it so much