by ♥SeRioUsLy DyinG♥   Dec 7, 2005

I'm sorry for lying,
i'm sorry for giving you guilt,
i'm sorry for the wall between us,
that i have built.

I'm sorry for leaving,
i'm sorry for so many things,
i'm sorry for yelling,
i'm sorry for the fool i\'m being.

I'm sorry for making u think things,
i'm sorry for making you cry,
i'm sorry for ripping your heart,
i'm sorry 4 makin u feel like u should die.

I really do love you,
i know that you probably think not,
i'm sorry for leaving you,
it's just you're cute but he's hot.

I'm sorry for leading you on,
i really feel bad,
but to be honest with you,
you're the best boyfriend i've ever had.

I'm sorry for wasting your time,
for making you read this,
and i'm sorry for lying,
but you are my first true kiss.

This is to my ex. I wanted to say sorry bcuz i'm with someone else and i told him that i didn't want a boyfriend now. So i'm sorry.


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