If only

by ♥SeRioUsLy DyinG♥   Dec 20, 2005

If only, if only,
if only u could c da tears n my eyes,
if only you could feel my pain,
if only u new dat there's more 2 realize.

if only you knew how this felt,
if only u knew how hard i've tried,
if only you knew about this guilt,
if only u new bout how hard i've cried.

If only you were here,
if only you paid attention to me,
if only u noticed all dat went wrong,
if only u opened your eyes to see.

If only you noticed me gone,
and so was your car,
if only you remembered,
about my hurting scar.

If only you remembered,
dat u left a knife n da glove compartment,
and you also left,
the keys to your new apartment.

If only you said that you loved me,
if only you said that you cared,
if only you remembered,
the passionate night that we shared

Maybe this wouldn't have happened
if only you could see me through,
i'm sorry for this,
for the thing i'm about to do.

If only i thought about it more,
but all i could think of is pain,
if only i thought about us,
i wouldn't have a slice thru my vein.

I wouldn't have a bath tub,
full of the dark look of blood,
i wouldn't feel stuck,
in this horrible red mud.

If only you could c life stop,
the second i took my world,
if only you were there,
to say goodbye to your girl.

If only you realized sooner,
if only you could save me,
if only you had looked harder,
if only, if only.....


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by TearsLeftUndried

    Aww i love this poem......ur an awsum writer! by the way thx for the comment!

  • 16 years ago

    by **Stacy**

    Awww i kno exactly how u feel. hope u're ok.

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