by robyn   Jan 1, 2004

Some nights i toss and turn so restlessly
im not gettin any sleep
all these thoughts cloud up my mind
and most of the time i weep
no one knows the way i feel
its this pain of helplessness
and its too hard to talk about
a problem i refuse to address
i am so frightened
afraid of whats to come
i dont know if things will be good
or if i've become a fool for love
will it be a tale of the princess,
happily ever after?
or will i become the jester
am i just the object of laughter?
when can i find out the truth?
when will my questions be answered?
when can i see the crystal ball
and see for what im fortuned?
will i walk around aimlessly
without reason or purpose?
when do i get to know,
when my life will regain focus?


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