A Gaze; A Thousand Nothings.

by Unseen Exposure   Jan 7, 2006

Those eyes did penetrate every fiber of a once full being
To those that cannot unravel the allusion behind the pain
See it as nothing more than a mere expression.
Carefully remove their gazes, peel back the layers and behold-
What establishes itself between the red and white, amid the dilation.

For a moment in time;
The intertwining specimen interlock and then pull away
Leaving behind an eruption of bursting flames of emotion
That sojourn and do not withdrawal-
That infect but do not lament;
That breathe but do not stay satisfied.

And in that moment-
All recollection of the past is revived
Pieced together like the brawn of the cornea
One by one; Tear by tear.

Only then is simplicity fabricated and made vigorous
Latching on to every memory-
Depicting every vivid image - Every vague obliterated thought
Until there is nothing but vacancy lacking complacency
Treading coercively through all that once was.

A thousand phrases spoken
A thousand words exchanged
A thousand thoughts awakened
A thousand feelings unleashed.

... But the gaze changes nothing.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Aureus Argentum

    Wow! This is amazing. I loved the words you used, very poetic. :)

  • 13 years ago

    by Wallace

    Excellent poem, very well written. Keep up the good work. Check out some of my poems when you have the time.

    Best Wishes

  • 15 years ago

    by Cuddles

    The wonder of words was once upon a time you could never run out, but now I find that I am speechless. This is a brilliant write.

  • 15 years ago

    by JL

    Wow. This was amazing, you had my attention from the first line. Very vivid and powerful. i love it! take care XXXXX

  • 15 years ago

    by Bleeding_Red_Fallen_Angel

    Nice work. I always love reading dark poems. They have to be pretty much one of my favorite kinds to read. Excellent job.