One More Time

by Vicissitude Of Fate   Feb 5, 2006

Little moments
When you hold me when I cry
Or when I feel as though I'm going to break
And I just want to die

You tell me everything's gonna be ok
And that you promise you won't leave
Just to make me stop crying
Knowing that I don't believe

When I get upset over my family
Or when I don't want to be able to even see
You'd calm me down
And sing a song to me

Or when I got into it with her
And want to fight
You'd pin me down
And give me one hard bite

Would you find it in your heart
To do it all again
So I won't cry every night
And I would be able to mend..

Maybe i would be ok
And my heart wouldn't be in two
If you would come back to me
And say this time its true

You won't scream at me anymore
And you'll hold me when I cry
And for once someone would stay with me
And there would be no more lies

That this time it's forever
Not for a couple of years
And my face would never cry
Those oh so painful tears

*This is a more personal poem between me and the person it\'s to. I think the person know\'s it is to them. I love you all. Please rate and comment if you get the chance I would really apprectiate it**


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  • 17 years ago

    by UnToLd TrUtH

    This is full of emotion.....You did great! 5/5


  • 17 years ago

    by Ash LEIGH

    Mallory, this is really good, the way you write reminds me of myself. don't stop writing you're too good. keep writing & check out my stuff

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