It Doesn't Matter

by Vicissitude Of Fate   Aug 15, 2007

I heard our song on the radio again
It made my hands start to shake
But then I started thinking about it
How all you are is just one huge fake

I was young and clueless and
you took full advantage of that
But is it sad I still miss your voice?
And I still remember that stupid tobagin hat..

I'm pathetic for still looking for an answer
And stupid for think we were more than casual friends
But I still think of all the "I love you"'s
And when I do I feel like my heart will never mend

But I'll be ok, I'm almost certain
I'll find what I need to get over you
Because every word that came out of your
mouth.. I know now none of it was true.


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  • 15 years ago

    by genova

    Oh this is a very good poem and in ways still remind me of my last boyfriend...=D

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