The worst suicide...*

by Catastrophic Beauty   Apr 29, 2006

In a empty room full of darkness
with nothing but pills and a knife
Slumped in the corner
Thinking of how to end my life

Sitting still forgotten in thoughts,
Gazing at the razor blade.
While my heart beats faster and faster
Like a raging parade.

The razor blade is getting closer
And closer to my thin skin
With visions of slashes in my head
Of what I was about to begin

But just when the blade touches my skin
It breaks into shattered pieces
I clenched the handle with rage
Then slowly released it

I got the bottle filled with pills
A smile appeared on my face
I'll take an overdose and then die
In this quiet deserted place

I start opening the half full bottle
Hearing everything click
Visualizing me swallowing
The pills extremely quick

But when I start to dump them
In my hand they slowly disappear
Vanishing right in front of my eyes
Gradually disappearing in midair

As my tears and my smile
Started to fall
Something was about to happen
That would end it all

I heard a rambunctious noise.
Everything changes and nobody knows
Why...but God had come back
And the book of life was exposed

I was put down in hell
All because I didn't obey
So now I'm in real pain
And here I will forever lay

I didn't do the works of God
Now I'm stuck here for eternity
In endless pain and suffering
All because I didn't follow thee

So now in this tormented place
In the raging fire I cry
And now I realize
That this was the worst suicide


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by xoxkatrinaxox

    Once again what an awesome poem...ur just too goood 4 words

  • 17 years ago

    by Raychel

    Omg i love this. my friend sore has it printed off (she prints off her faves) and its in a folder of hers lol. so ive read it a few times before now lol. but this is awesome. keep it up.

  • U out do urself.... great work, actually great is not the word to use... brilliant, i dont even think that is goood enuff to describe ur writting!!! 5/5

  • 17 years ago

    by Brandy Wilds

    I think everyone has said my thoughts. Great job. I love it 5/5.


  • 17 years ago

    by bleed4eternity

    I really liked the beginning with all the descripition and how everything wasnt working, but the end kind of confused me alittle. it seemed to me that you went to hell because you killed your self, but the beginning made me think that you couldnt do it.
    iono it seemed like the beginning and the end were good seperate, but together they just didnt quite fit

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