All for Daddy...4

by Spitfire   Aug 18, 2006

She just stays there
she never would have thought it would be her father
after all the party was at his house

she get her mother to drive her to his house
hes sitting on the couch drinking
she runs in
takes the drink out if his hand and throws it on the floor

he just sits there
he tells her hes sorry
she was so beautiful
and he couldn't help it

she told him what happened
and how shes pregnant
he gets up and tries to leave
but before he knows it
theres 5 or 6 cops cars in front of the house

he got arrested
because she was wearing a wire
she knew it was him
and she was going to prove it

she never had the kid
nor did she get an abortion
her and her brother were fighting
when he pushed her
she losed her balance
and fell down the stairs

The End

unless u want more cuz i can make a couple more ..not sure exactly what about though,but i got an idea
Thanks for reading


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  • 17 years ago

    by Abbey aka the goth girl

    That was a good poem!

    it's sad that you feel that way about you father...But i can under stand b.cuz i feel the same way asout my mom.
    keep up the good writting!