Forever Thought Never Spoken

by Cantchangeme   Mar 10, 2004

Dare not stare at you
I see through you
Stare at the sky
And then you’ll see
What happened to you and me?

Explosions in the sky
Sing the lives of a thousand gone
But aren’t we all dead
When it’s all said and done

Leave the world
Let it die
Songs for the sorrow
Hear it sigh

Live the world
Eat the day
I let you down
In everyway

Hear the bird
It sings the tune
The sleeping awake
From inside their tomb

Inscriptionless stones
Lost hopes
Leaving a memory
Synthetic ropes

Why will nothing kill the voice?
In the head of the living, trapped
Like mice on a wheel
What the f*ck! this isn’t reel
We are all a pathetic waste of space
With our blood running muddy
And angel’s clothes bloody
It signals our time to leave

Why do we even try to make sense?
A world where you live within the fence
Well I’ll leave you now
I write this in floods of tears
And the paper has blood on it
It is mine please take me god
For it is my time
Everyone has to die

Leave the living
Leave the pure
How much more pain
To endure


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  • 17 years ago

    by *K~L~C*

    ok this may be late also but when people get on here do they expect the poems to seem like something "sane" u can't be sane and right real poems or maybe u r sane and everyone else is insane

  • 17 years ago

    by skeeterbabe

    u need help seriously!