Dilemma -figurative

by LOnightOJmareVE   Oct 16, 2006

I caught a glimpse of you in sunrise-
locked-eyes seemed- time stalled.
The ocean, in its vastness,
was a glass- mirror of it all...

I met you in the lovely sunrise-
whilst the sun endeavoured settling down.
The birds chanted with my madness-
perceived me, too desperate to clown.

I grew fond of you under the sunrise-
when the sun stayed in place.
I yearned the trees to agree in gladness-
what I felt beholding your face...

For I fell in love under the sunrise-
with you- splendour before me unfold.
Nature's forces conspired in keenness-
alluding it to be hastily told...

And so, I told under the sunrise-
the emotion I covertly bore.
Surprised, it led to my sadness-
bruising my ever receptive core...

I pleaded- "stay 'til after sunrise
with me until tomorrow comes..."
Then, all withered in wretchedness-
a halt to the birds' hum...

The promise to remain after sunrise
was purely a filthy lie-
for the sunset in its evilness,
caused you to say goodbye.

Then, you rode to the endless sunset-
leaving me gloomy behind.
Never again to see you under the sunrise,
never a chance to call you mine...


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  • 13 years ago

    by BeautifulDisaster

    This is wonderful!, very unqiue and beautiful, i havent read anything like this before, well done dear, keep on writing, ps . thanks for commenting on mine, take care,xxoo

  • 13 years ago

    by PoeticJustice

    I really like the whole "sunrise" idea