Revenge is Death

by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Nov 1, 2006

I\'m sitting on my sofa couch,
waiting for them to come.
I\'m waiting for my mom and dad,
as I sing this song.

My dad a drunk,
my mom's no better than yours.
Why am I just sitting here?
I can't take this anymore!

When they get home,
their in for a surprise.
More blood and gore,
then they can realize.

I'll shed their blood,
along this blade.
They have no clue,
what a monster they have made.

It's all their falt,
for what I have become.
I'm threw with this,
their lives are done!

Their home again,
no where to flee.
They soon will be dead.
Just wait and see.

I hold my blade,
close to my side.
I jump out at them,
from where I hide.

I trip and fall,
my blade deep inside.
I'm no longer here.
I'm no longer alive.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Jessica

    Ya, i no what you mean