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i like everyone and every thing, but i dont open myself all the way to someone even if it seems like it... nothing you want to know about me is here, so BE MY FRIEND AND FIND OUT!!!

Someday i will show the world just what one person can do to change it into a better place. that someday may be my last, and i wait for it.

LOL i can be a weirdo tooo

by and by, if u should read my poems some of them are written from a guys point of veiw, to spice things up a bit lolz.

If you like to read stories of adventure, romance, fantasy, fiction, sci fi, etc. Check out my blog. It has stories I have written personally originally role-plays. Check it out!

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  • Age : 25
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  • "im not going to cave and cry my eyes out, only a few tears get by me, but only coz i let them"

    16 years ago
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  • "no one knows what im thinking underneth my smile. for me, i always wonder why i smile. do i feel hope? hope for the world to be a better place? or for hope of leaving it after i show the world my heart and soul."

    16 years ago
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  • When the time comes to turn around,
    retrace your memorys is the first step to recovery.

    17 years ago
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