by DeadGirl AKA Becka   Nov 15, 2006

I'm sitting at home,
writing this poem.
I'm bye myself,
I'm all alone...
I'm just bored,
so I had thought,
why not write a poem,
at this very spot?
I tried to think,
of what to write.
But nothing came.
There was no light.
I sat and sat
all night long.
It finally came to me,
I thought my ideas were gone!
when I had realized it,
I let out a moan,
because it was about me,
writing this silly poem.

**I was really goofy and weird today SO...:p but, yea I hope u found it amusing.** Luvs DeadGirl


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  • 17 years ago

    by rocker666chick

    Love it I give your poem a 5/5 on this poem kk well check out one of my poems My Heart kk peace