Rest Your Head Babe x

by emmajaynexo   Nov 17, 2006

Dear Everyone
Were here today to pay our respects to the family of the lost girl. So full of life at 13 But drugs took over her. I knew bout it but why didnt i stop her .. here is my last respect to my cousin Clare x

Dearest Sweet Clare Im having trouble to except the fact that your gone. I can understand why god wanted you close to him because you truly were an angel in our eyes x One question clare ... Why? I luff yoo to peices and i couldnt imagine life without you now i have to...
You were bright sometimes like our discoveries remember them hun x You had your daft blonde moments like always x Bezzies in a bag x Everyone is suffering with the loss of you. You really dont understand how much people loved you did you ? Well Its everyone. You were so brave clare Remember that x I could write and speak so much of the amazing things you did to others and yourself because you were bursting with life. But near the end you looked tired and we could all see you wernt yourself. Was it the drugs ? I should of known x Promise you will look down on me from heaven okay x I promise to pray x Everyday x Keep me a space on your fluffy cloud okay babe We will meet again someday x Best Cousins And Friends forlife x You were more like a younger sister than a friend x Ill miss you .... Sleep tight x


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