Its my turn to DIE!

by jarrod   Mar 23, 2004

In every direction
In every moment
within every breath
i become more like death

It started with one
then came another
they hated this world so much
they never touched the beauty

all of them decided
they decided it was time
to be done with all the evil
to go where such doesn't exist

they just couldn't take it
they couldn't handle the pain
alone in this world
feeling as if no one feels as they

well all of them died
every single fuking one
now I'm alone
now I'm afraid

i cant handle this
they left me
they left me to die
i wish i was with them

i wish i would die
i cant handle feeling so alone
feeling this evil touch my skin
and so i have decided

its my turn now
my turn to be free
my turn to fly high
to meet the end

and so i shall take my life
not because of the evil
but because of being so alone
and so afraid

this is my last effort
my last try
to warn everyone else
that the evil is not what u think

the evil is being left by your friends
the evil is trapping others in you hatred

i don't want to post this poem. it is not what i want at all. i don't wish to die. but i feel that way with all of my friends wanting to. they are all sad about themselves but it hurts me more as they each go. i beg of thee if you feel suicidal don't take this poem to heart. I'm here for you because I've felt what u have felt. there are many of us who have and will. we all need to stick together. There is a reason to this world and you are important to me. Let me try to help you and then in turn try to help others. please don't do as this poem its just thoughts and a wise person once told me. Everyone thinks about death or killing someone or whatever but its the action you take that makes you who you are. God bless and email me if you need help.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Liz

    God bless u and help u have the right words to say to the right people.....i'll pray 4 u
    the poem is ok and im really glad u added the little "auther note" or whatever u call it

  • 16 years ago

    by heather

    Hey jarrod I have felt like doing that before too. and I know how you feel. This may not make anything right but your friends are in a place where they wont feel that way anymore. Just hang in there it will be ok. If you want to talk just e mail me at by the way i loved your poem.

  • 16 years ago

    by LostInLife!

    wow an amazing poem,
    jemma xxx

  • 16 years ago

    by hayley williams

    Hey Hun, this poem is truly amazing, you are such a great guy and the way you care bout ppl is just so fantastic thanks for all the times youve helped me luv hayleyxx