The Moon's Gentle Fingers

by Thoughtless Consideration   Mar 1, 2007

Smiling constantly, but you don't know the truth.
The nerves and insecurity beneath this youth.
Everybody's growing up so fast-
I'm so scared of the future, so lonesome for the past.
The ghost of regret following me,
The menace in your smile, so angry, so empty.
Your fingers, as pale as moonlight.
Painfully suppressed hope, this feeling I try to fight.
You can have me if you want,
Even though I've really got nothing at all to flaunt.
The leaves that are stirred by the cruel storm.
The premature baby that has been cursed to be born.
Eyelashes that flutter so daintily in the breeze,
Hearts so cold they melt instead of freeze.
Running in circles, I think I'm going insane.
I'm going plain crazy- you still game?
Love that bursts from the dead weeds in my driveway.
The hair that blows gently in the breeze- so softly it sways.
A thousand mistakes that build up in heap,
The mountain (so terrifyingly steep.)
Frustration- like a complete puzzle with one missing piece.
Nostalgia, as wild as a flock of angry geese.
Lips, as red as blood, that so softly meet.
Temptation, a fifth grader that doesn't study must cheat.
A depressed alien, lost and alone in space.
Me, running and losing the world's easiest race.
A lock of hair that hides the world's lies.
Adam and Eve- all the tears their children have cried.
The people of today- constant fear and loss.
Pain that grows as surely and slowly as evergreen moss.
Fate is a freckle washed away by your dazzling face.
Running after him, but we're playing catch now, (no more chase.)
Do you agree that the sun doesn't shine bright enough?
Oh darling, it's painfully easy to see that you're full of bluff.
I don't care though- you've cruelly imprisoned my heart.
And I guess you can have me if you want.
You can have me if you want.
You can have me if you want.
You can have me if you want.

(I've really got nothing left to flaunt.)


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by mohamad aref numan

    It is really wonderful

  • 13 years ago

    by I Seem to be the Heartless

    I really enjoyed reading this poem. Well done!


  • 13 years ago

    by Meet Me On Thames Street

    THis poem left me speechless

  • 13 years ago

    by Chris Gross

    Hey thanks for your comment, yeh I wrote that poem when my aunt died, so I was going through much pain anyways your poems are amazing 5/5

  • Okay whoa she cant have you lol

    but his is definatley the best peice of yours ive read.
    i love it.

    wishi had your skill;;
    yours beats the crap out of mine

    good job

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