To my sis

by Big hersh   May 16, 2007

Hello sis
just thought i should tell you
how much i really love you
so i decided
to write this for you

you see sis
your the only one
that can see
how rough life was
for you and me

mom and dad
could not help us
so for this
your the one that raised us

sometimes i think
the reason you dropped out
was because of me
so i hope you really see
how much you mean to me

and for this
i give my heart to you
so make sure that you
cherish it
and make sure that
you take care of it

i only have one you see
and i am giving it to you
just to show
how much i love you

there was times
when i needed a mother
and then there you were to be found
helping me
your brother

and now we are grown
and doing strong
you told me i would
all along

now you have kids
they are beautiful
they are sweet
i love my nephews
and my niece

so sis i want to tell you
just i how much i really love you
you see i would do anything
babysit or change a diaper
although you know i would not desire

when i get older and finish school
i promise i will take care of you
both you, your children and Dustin to
this is how much i love you

to Anna
from Hersh


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by x0XBloodyFantasyX0x

    Awww....You should show this to your sister if you haven't already... 5/5 for this one.

  • 13 years ago

    by dawn green

    Very nice! I wish my brother appreciated me as much as you appreciate yours. God bless