The Biggest Crime: Missing You

by BrixGoesxRawr   May 25, 2007

Holding back the tears that are dying to come out

Nobody can know that I still think of you

We're over, there's nothing left of us

So why are the tears starting to fall?

It isn't supposed to be this way at all

We said our goodbyes, supposably moved on

You don't want anything to do with me

So why are you in my thoughts?

We fought all the time, non-stop

You always called me names

Made me feel guilty for everything

So why do I still need you?

I'm the one who chose to end it

I thought that was what I wanted

It was better off that way for both of us

So why do I still love you?

I won't let anyone know my feelings of you.

Nobody can know that I'm still loving you.

Please Lord, forgive me for I have sinned.

I've committed the biggest crime: I'm missing you.

Brianna Carter
May 24, 2007.


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  • 17 years ago

    by Crystal Espinoza

    I really liked this poem it really got to me because i have gone through or actually still am going through this same kind of situation