The man i want...

by LifeThroughMyEyes   Jul 21, 2007

I watch you,
Your arms are strong and unyielding
They are the kind of arms I wish could hold me.
You look at me and smile,
My heart jumps with hope.
Maybe, just maybe I can have youâ
But then my heart breaks into shreds knowing that we are "just friends".
When we sit and talk,
Our time is so short,
But at the moment, I feel like it goes on forever,
Just as I wish it could.
I hate falling for dreams.
You are my dream,
You are the one I think of every day,
Every night I find myself thinking of your craziness,
Your stubbornness, your love, and your friendshipâ?¦but I just wish that one day I could think of your love for me

But that is just a wish, and wishes never come true...

**shortly after i wrote this, i told this guy that i liked him, he said that he liked me, but he loved me more as a friend....i hate that line, anyways, so i was right about the just friends thing...**


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