Nothing Gold Can Stay

by Karl Wild GG23   Aug 8, 2007

Born in the spring with all it's beauty and bliss,
We begin to blossom like daisies and roses,
Careful to waste time, not a moment we'll miss,
As before we know it, summer is under our noses.

Summer though at times unbearable, critical wait,
As we mature and learn to carry on as rivers flow,
Never stopping to spectate, no time to speculate,
About questions we ask, nor the answers we know.

Soon fall is upon us, once again change is apparent,
We now begin to reminisce of past seasons of glory,
Indeed knowledge is a virtue, let us guide as a parent,
Gather around young children, let me recite you a story.

Before we know it the chilling winds of winter arrive,
Suddenly the smell of autumn sadly begins to fade,
Though cold and daunting, still fascinated and alive,
For just one more summers day, anything we'd trade.

**This poem is about life and how when
we're born everything is new and exciting,
and as time passes we begin to blossom
from a child into an adult. Before we know
it 40 years will have passed and we'll be
reflecting on the previous years and dreams.
Like seasons life passes us by all to fast,
so don't wait until the winter of your life to
realize what we have is golden,
but nothing gold can stay.**


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by adroit

    What a beautiful poem with a wonderful, sincere message. Nice writing. Honest Luck.


  • 12 years ago

    by Tara

    This one caught my eye, with the Robert Frost title. I like the way you modernized the idea, and put it in words of today that people can relate with and understand. Another beautiful poem. ~Tara

  • 12 years ago

    by Grey Ajurahck

    I love the Robert Frost poem from which I assume the title was taken (which is cool as titles can't be copyrighted). excellent rhyme scheme and flow. Great imagery/metaphor. But what is most striking about this poem is the aspects of truth in life you've captured just as well as Frost ever could. You write with the wisdom and experience of one well beyond your years. Great piece.

    Write On!

    Grey Ajurahck

  • I loved your poem it flows nicely!

  • 13 years ago

    by AlaSkA

    This is a dense read. im really not a fan of classic abab and al that jazz, but if the vocabulary is there. im all for it. your flow seems so laid back, where as alot of abab poems you can almost guess the last word of each sentance.

    nice work. (sorry it took a while for a responce, i dont get on often)