You Will Break

by Aimael   Aug 20, 2007

It looks like you're crying
Your shoulders are shaking
I can't see your face
Maybe you're laughing
But not because you're happy
I know that, at least
If you are laughing, it's because you find your life so miserable, that it's hilarious

But maybe, you finally cry
Please, stop crying
I care for you
You've got people who cares for you!
Can't you see?
Won't you see?
Or maybe...
Don't you want to see?

They care for you
We care for you
He cares for you
He loves you
You know that since you love him back
It's just easy to forget, isn't it?
That he loves you?

He does not want you hurt
He won't abandon you
Or, I really hope he won't
Because then, you won't have a reason for living
Your last lifeline
His love

He better not cut it
Because, if he does, you'll break
And I think you'll die
And I can do nothing about it
Because you don't see I care
So you don't care
So I can't add another lifeline to your miserable life

Your terrible miserable hilarious life


Written for and about a friend a few months ago


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Em

    Den va super söt ^^
    är ju lite nyfiken och måste fråga vem är den om? bra iaf

  • 13 years ago

    by Shirani Graham

    MarvelouS writinG, lonG feelingS, prettY gooD expressionS, happY iN commentinG.. yoU deservE 4 a gooD writinG... 5/5


  • 13 years ago

    by Shirani Graham

    ReallY expressivE anD helD togetheR nicelY witH sucH greaT worS Of choicE.
    WelL donE anD welL deservinG poeM.

    KeeP uP youR gooD joB...

    luzaN wit yoU...