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Crazy in love*

call me azi ( uh - zee )
age: 15
original nationality: iranian
horoscope: leo
birthday: aug 12th -93
love: him!
hate: anxiety, physical pain, wars, discrimination, shallowness... and chicken
best physical feature: i guess my lips
best hidden feature: my wildness. i can be really really quiet sometimes. the real me normally shows in no time though ;)
i listen to: everythin. and i mean it. mostly hiphop, reggaeton, rnb, latin, rap, heavy metal, rock.. no techno doe, nor opera or jazz.
notable: i love to discuss about every possible shit, and share my opinions with others and let them share theirs.
I'd love to get to know ya'll, so feel free to ask for my addi, or any other appropriate info bout me. :)
i deleted more than a half of my poems, cause they reminded me of my teenage drama i really am not willing to remember :D but now i think i have a better control upon myself. so i'll start over. a new beginning. :) so yeahh.. have a good life. don't waste your time, cause you're gonna regret it. trust me;)
******************************oh and i really appreciate detailed feedback, so if you leave me one-liners, don't expect much more in return. don't just say i'm really good or just really bad. ExPlAiN why:)
******************************* happy valentine's day everyone! :)
Cheers x

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Latest Poems By azii

  • Oh baby if you would listen to me for just a...
    I swear I'd do my everything just to make you...

  • - here is where i'd rather be. girl i love you so
    - what if you just changed your mind. boy how...

  • They tell me "let him go"
    that "he was to destroy u&quot...

  • I try to understand
    my tears start to fall...

  • You always make me smile
    With everything you do...

Latest Quotes By azii

  • I wish next time i go to bed
    they'd be the last tears that i drop
    I wish that soon I'll fall asleep
    and then, yeah, never wake up

    (c) azii

    13 years ago
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  • In the hope that someday it wil be there, someday i'll truly feel it, and that it exists, i'll hang on. fo rthe day, for the true love, that never dies.

    (C) azi-xo

    13 years ago
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  • We can make million promises but we still wont change
    babe it aint right to stay together when we only bring each other pain

    (mariah carey - i dont wanna cry)

    14 years ago
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