Reasons for walls: you

by Cotton Candy Clouds   Dec 29, 2007

Never say you will be there,
if you don't really care.
Never talk about feelings,
if they aren't really there.

Never tell me its only me you see,
if in your mind its her your telling it to.
Never start to plan our life together,
if to you we are already through.

Never hold my hand,
if you're going to break my heart.
Never say you're going to,
if you don't plan to start.

Never look into my eyes,
if your just going to lie.
Never tell me hello,
if you really want to say goodbye.

Never say your going to call,
when your batteries already dead.
Never tell me you love me,
if having to say it is something you dread.

Never say you didn't mean to,
when you already had it planned.
Never say your not controlling,
when all you do is demand.

If you really mean forever,
then say that you will try.
But who's to fool?
That would just be another lie.

Copyright © Composed Catastrophe All Rights Reserved


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  • 11 years ago

    by XxBAYBiiGiRLxX

    Wow, very well written!
    loved every stanza!
    kinda reminds me of my x :(

  • 12 years ago

    by Blissful

    This sounds really familiar...hmm maybe I read it but never commented it. Anyway on to the poem…

    "Never say your going to call,"

    "Never say your not controlling,"

    I liked the repetition here because you got what you wanted to say across nicely. The meaning behind your words were filled with an immense of power and strength showing youre done taking the BS and want him to man up. Im sure many could really relate with this because we have all come across a guy like that. The message was clear here which shows how guys and actually people in general say one thing but then do another. Its easy to say something but when the action actually takes place then that shows that person is trustworthy, Well said hun.

    Nothing left to say but that I truly enjoyed this.

  • 12 years ago

    by Loved In Hell

    Wow, this one gave me goose bumps.
    This one i have to say is my favorite. I love your message and the truth behind each word. This makes me want to show it to all my guy friends.
    They think that the little lies don't hurt and it won't effect anyone....but they do and sometimes it hurts really bad.
    5/5 well deserved
    you are a great writer, once again a strength writer.

  • 12 years ago

    by Brittany C

    I hate it that people can do that to each other. Great poem. I gave it a 5/5. Keep up the great work.

  • Well i agree wid ashley in every word she said
    plus tht i truly feel how much ur hurting and broken inside
    and u r ryte,never say anything wen u dont mean it

    keep writing tabii and never stop:)