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When I'm feeling down I come on to here and read what all of you guys put. I love it when I can connect with them and I like to chat with all of you too. Please check out some of my stuff too if you have the time. I love to get feedback from you guys and I write what I'm feeling at the time.

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Latest Poems By Insane Inside And Out

  • You're the most religious, funny,
    and sweetest person anyone has known...

  • It's sad to think that soon we'll have to part,
    but know that I'll always have you in my heart...

  • I remember a time long ago.
    A time when the cruelty of...

  • **I just wrote it at night when I couldn't sleep...
    Moonlight cascades down over the land...

  • There is a place between heaven and hell that even...
    It is where newly fallen angels land...

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  • Guys' easiest lie: I love you.
    Girls' easiest lie: I'm just going out with some friends.

    15 years ago
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  • It's hard not to let the world bring you down but realize that not everyone here is that fu**ed up and cold. Experience the warmth before you grow too cold.

    *BASED off an Incubus song*

    15 years ago
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  • Sometimes these two sides tear at me, making me feel insane and wanting to cry all the time.

    -From my poem "These Sides of Me"

    15 years ago
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