I dont really know what to say about myself I guess I will give you a little background on my poems to explain them......
1) im an X cutter...i have been "free" for over 3 weeks and im proad of it. It stopped bacause A i was being hypocritcal about it n B because my boyfriend doesnt like it and he means to much to me to hurt him
2) I dont get along with my family so some poems are about them. I know have one that is about my father because he is a alcholic that basic left mi family when i was lil but hes bak and its really confusing so yea...
3) i lost mi grandfather and i LOVE him more then anyone i know. I still love him more then anyone i know or care about put togther.
4) Im inlove or as in love as someone my age can get..I love him with all mi heart im just scared to fall to fast and get hurt but its a lil to late for that. O well the pain will be worth the pleasure.
thats all i have to says about myself if you have any questions or comments feel free to E-mail me.
One more thing could you please comment my poems it would mean alot to me. I really would like your opion

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  • Push me to the edge
    see if ill go off the ledge
    hand me the noose
    see if you have to cut me loose
    put that knife in my hand
    see if my wrist bleeds a strand

    14 years ago
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  • Losing all this pain isnt worht what id lose to gain

    14 years ago
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  • Go ahead and push me to the edge
    ive looked over this supposidly high ledge
    its not as tall as you make it out to be
    shove me off and see what happens to me

    14 years ago
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