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so yeah i am just your tipical teenager my favorite type of poems to read and write are love and suicidial poems even though sucide is bad i think those type of poems are awesome because that just means that someone that is writing them is spending thier time writing poetry instead of cutting so yeah.........................i hope you enjoy reading my poems and i would love to read your's so if you leave good comments (not just great job) i may read some of your's and comment and/or later and enjoy

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  • How can you love someone when they don't love you?
    stand there, waving you arms...

  • Slowly...
    letting water run down my face...

  • Confronted with two faces
    must she really choose...

  • Weak in the knees
    she looks into his eyes...

  • I've wondered down this reckless street before,
    hand sliding down the syringe...

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  • Love is all emotions thrown into one

    16 years ago
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  • Is it wrong for someone to love someone they are told they shall neve have or does that just make the chase even mor exciting??

    16 years ago
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  • What is the point in living when soon we shall all die?

    16 years ago
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