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My name's Jessica and I decided to submit my poems and quotes on this site because writing them is my way of letting out my emotions. I only write about what i know and have experienced so every word of it is REAL. A lot of my quotes are from songs I wrote and a lot are just quotes I though up. I hope you all like them and poems and if you do it would be great if you'd comment! thanks XxOoXx

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  • To the one who can make you smile when you cry
    to the one who can hold you and never say goodbye...

  • Tears of guilt for what I wish id never done
    hate and degrate myself for the nothing ive become...

  • I can't believe I trusted you so many times
    gave you so many chances and belived your lies...

  • Trying to hold on to the memories,
    of you holding me in your arms...

  • The clock is ticking, and i\'m waiting on you
    i know you can change, and I hope that you do...

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  • ~|sometimes|~ the [L][O][U][D][E][S][T] *w.o.r.d.s* are those ¤spoken¤ in a (w)(h)(i)(s)(p)(e)(r)

    14 years ago
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  • I ||woke||up|| this||morning|| & the *first* t.h.o.u.g.h.t that »ran» t/h/r/u/ my °mind° was ((..he's [g][o][n][e]..))

    14 years ago
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  • I [want] [him] [bak] SoOoOo ((badly)) but °hes° s.o.m.e.o.n.e. «else« now & the ~1 person~ i cud EvEr b *in «3love«3 with* is [[.long gon.]]

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