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I am just an older country lady who has lost my husband and son in a very tragic aircraft accident in the last 3 years Just 5 months prior my brother and his son both committed suicide. Recently my Dad died of cancer. Important men in my life seem to keep dying. For me my poetry has been the only way to release the feelings inside. Whilst as poems they may not be very good it is more just an outpouring of my emotions. Any feedback on my work would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou so much to all those who have commented and rated my poetry. I value every comment made and hope that I can grow poetically as a result

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Latest Poems By skyfox

  • What is it? Why?
    What distresses you so...

  • Just a step further, reaching farther
    No.....................I've lost it...

  • I Sit (6)

    Here I sit and another whole year has gone.
    The pain still tears my heart to pieces...

  • Two hearts of gold stopped beating
    That second you passed away...

  • Crushing weight infests the gloom
    Dark clouds herald impending doom...