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Lost,Confuse,Sad because I kno my end is near.

8/11/05 Im trying
to think what I wrote be ^ Im tryuing my best to think positive cause I been think negative almost all my life, only GOD knows my future.

I get inspired to write poems by my sister Kristen Cause she also write and I get inspired to write by some of the great poet's on this site.

8/27/05 I was told on the 26 of August that I was living with depression for 11 years expect for 6 years.

10/17/05 Me and my Baby just broke up. I dont know what im going to do without her, and it hurts so deeply but she saids that he have to see what we want in life. I know what I want but I didnt tell her that I want her. But like they say if its meant to be She come back.

I Love You

Well I really lost the love of my life. This is my fault because I cut myself several times and I had to go to the hospital cause of my wounds. Two days after that I was put into a Psychiatry Hospital for six days because of how I felt. Well I'm back now and I'm going to start writing my poetry and sharing it with you all.
God Bless You All.

Update: 3/1/06

Well i was in the hospital again for a pill overdose and ever since then I thought my life would have change for the better. Instead it gotten worse wayyy worse I hope that one day GOD will see that Im through alot and just take me away so I can life my life a stress free life.
Plus I just broke up with my girl and That makes it even worse.
GOD just take me away.

Update: I am no longer writing poems for many reasons. Reasons I wish not to get into, I thank everyone that enjoyed my poems and that help me get better at them. I thank you all for giving me advice and helping me get through ruff times and I hope I help you guys as much as you help me. So with that being said I hope ya all be successful in everything you do, follow your dreams, and never give up on life.

God Bless you all

Update 6/5/08: Had to do ONE Last poem. Love you little sis!!

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  • Lost in this body for so long, I dont know where to go, I feel afraid to do new things and fail, so I guess my life's a living hell.

    15 years ago
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  • To me life is like a game, theres no resets, no do overs,no anything you just have to play it till its over.

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