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I'm just an average girl, or so people say, no one seems to care what I say... I just put on a smile and start the day, even if I don't want to.. so I started writing what's on my mind, even if it hasn't happened... my poetry turns into a story that flows so well, but hits me indirectly, if that. Most of the time I just write randomly and it turns into something that I love. I'm a senior in highschool now, started this account in '05, so this is an accumulation of my works since then.. I'm a goof, I feel more alone than you would know, but I love my friends dearly.. the ones that are there for me... <3

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Idaho
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Latest Poems By jac

  • Sitting here, all alone, watching the raindrops...
    Memories of the past nine years flood through my...

  • Feel the air on my cheeks, it's cold and wet
    the snow is coming down, it's midnight...

  • The angels are around me, I can feel them sitting...
    Their eyes are always on me, as the night falls...

  • I've come to truly appreciate every God-given...
    Every leaf blowing across the ground, the dust...

  • I just want to drive, far, far away from this town
    away from all of my dreams, hopes, aspirations...

Latest Quotes By jac

  • ..and deep inside I want to cry
    because my life is disintigrating
    before my very eyes

    14 years ago
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  • We must get Hurt in order to grow
    we must fail in order to Know
    our visions may clear only after our Eyes are washed away with Tears

    14 years ago
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  • I need to move on
    move away from you
    I need to stay strong
    you make me so blue
    I still have the feelings
    they'll always be there
    But it just doesnt seem
    that you really care..

    14 years ago
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