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hey everybody my name is Omar. i love to write. i hope yall like my poems plz rate and comment

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  • Inside you're beautiful outside you're...
    This isn't a fairytale it's a real love story...

  • My dreams have been shattered,
    My dreams have been battered...

  • They say the lessons that u learn 4rm pain r tha...
    Then i must of learned every lesson there is cuz i...

  • I wake up with no dad in site where is he i cant...
    I'm fine its not a big loss that i cant bare...

  • In each life some rain must fall it can't be all...
    You have to feel the rain drops and watery stream...

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  • Life is too valuable to be thrown away, don't let anybody put you down do what you do with confidence

    14 years ago
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  • When you love so one so much and you have a huge bond with them, dont let anyone break you up or break your bond

    14 years ago
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