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I used to perform in Charismatic (Gospel gathering). I have usually been a solo guitarist. I play for the church and the Lord now. I come from a beautiful and a small town where it snows almost all the year round. Been self dependent and working for around 5 years now. Worked for IT and systems, telecommunications, marketing, etc. As of now employed with IBM international. I've been doing tattoo arts, poetries, musical compositions. I'm totally nailed into it, cause those are my passion.

Priorities in my life...

My major priority is my god and my faith in him. No matter how much tougher it gets, I will never give up my belief in him, cause I know that in troubled times he will lead me through and show me the way. Another is my guitar. I will not give up on my music, come what may. I am never willing to part with my musical instruments. Third comes poetries and the fouth comes my tattoo arts.


Neo Castelino.

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  • You are an inferno now and then,
    unpredictable extinguish where and when.
    Outraging from a minute splinter,
    a heap of fire and then winter...

    14 years ago
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  • A talent, an art which few observe
    fighting this life when happiness curve.
    Watch your silence deep beneath,
    something in you with enormous width....

    14 years ago
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  • 'Thank you Lord
    For the turbulence and ordeal
    you have put me to.
    You have made me..
    Realize my strenths.
    Problems in life will not
    break me up..
    But it will make me
    stronger and more stronger.
    Thank you so much O Lord..'


    14 years ago
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